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"straight to the point, not too technical, without the confusion!"

 Skype Vocal Training:  Save Time & Money!

Train over Skype from the comfort and convenience of your home. Warm-up and start-up videos that teach you vocal production basics are available making it easy for you to develop your singing skill level when you are not in session online with me.  You will receive clear, concise, and informative coaching in your Skype session that will help you to see immediate improvements in your singing. Click on the Skype Training link above to get started.


Vocal Coach Adonis specializes in vocal & stage performance development as it relates to TODAY'S MUSIC! You need results and you need them fast! You don't have time for commercial gimmicks and classical training methods! You need direction and a game plan to compete in today's music industry and your preparation starts here! 

Prepare for auditions, studio recordings, and singing engagements. Receive honest, specific, and detailed feedback about your singing!

Improve breathing, develop vocal control, improve riffs and runs, sing smoother, sing higher, sing longer, sing stronger, receive free follow-ups between sessions, receive training tailored to your specific needs, and more!

Any career where profits are high requires training, development, and skill. Sign up for your training TODAY!

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