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Hi!  I'm Vocal Coach Adonis and I specialize in vocal & stage performance development as it relates to TODAY'S MUSIC! You need results and you need them fast! You don't have time for commercial gimmicks and classical training methods! You need direction and a game plan to compete in today's music industry and your preparation starts here!

Improve breathing, develop vocal control, improve riffs and runs, sing smoother, sing higher, sing longer, sing stronger, receive free follow-ups between sessions, receive specialized training material and much more!

Any career where profits are high requires training, development, and skill. Sign up for your training TODAY! Receive a FREE 20 minute vocal consultation and evaluation w/critique when you sign up for 1 session or more.

You can receive in-person training if you live in Metro Atlanta, GA (404, 678, 770).

Call our office at 404-367-9122 to schedule studio sessions, ONLY

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Why Train via Skype?

I began offering Skype training after several singers from around the world i!nquired as to whether I offered it.  Most had used my vocal training videos on YouTube.  So, I thought I'd give it a try, however, I was very reluctant concerning its' efficacy.  It proved to be the RIGHT choice to offer Skype vocal training because it is extremely convenient, as informative and effective as in-person training, and Skype clients receive supplejmental training videos, advice and follow-ups between sessions, and more flexibility with scheduling!  ALL of my Skype clients have done consistently well, and that's GREAT considering that some live more than 10,000 miles away!

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